Aurora capitulo 98

Aurora capitulo 98 altogether. TVyVideos can see here in Aurora Capitulo 98 on Tuesday March 22, 2011.I'm Aurora Ponce de Leon and I'm here to tell you my story ... I feel the cold of the capsule that keeps me alive only by the desire to return to my life and look back to the man who taught me to love years ago. In my 20 years I first fell in love with Lorenzo, a man who drove me crazy with his eyes, his charisma and a dance that leaves without words to anyone. It was a dance teacher and I met when I was a single father of Martin, who abandoned his mother and left him in charge.

Aurora capitulo 98Our love was strong and true and as a result of this relationship, got pregnant ... but my parents would never allow me to stay by his side, because for them it was a social class different from mine. To get away, they sent me to another place to have my son and I never got the chance to tell it would be dad again.Lorenzo was sure he had left, but fate was responsible for changing the course of my story, when he got a terrible news that would change my life and my family forever. After the birth of my daughter Blanca, I discovered an incurable disease, and on the verge of death, my dad uses cryogenics to keep the hope of saving.

My dad is a doctor and renowned as an expert in the field of cryogenics, a science where freezing bodies to preserve ... She decides to freeze in the hope that later someone finds a cure for my disease. It has been 20 years and I'm still here ... waiting to wake up from this dream forever. And the priest there, and my father back to life, but I have to get back to a daughter who does not know me and return to the arms of the man I love.

I feel weak but I feel like when I went on this trip ... do not know how much has changed outside, do not know how to live in a different world after so long: my daughter must have almost my age, my parents are tired, Lorenzo and Lorenzo ... I will as I expected it? ...


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