La Reina del Sur

Teresa Mendosa was born in Sinaloa state, known in Mexico as one of the drug trading centers. Her husband Raimundo being a member of criminal group works as a pilot at the plane to transport drugs. In the result of inner shoot-out Raimundo is murdered by hired killer, and the people, who organized this murder, are going to kill Teresa as well. But she was warned about this and had time to run out the house in a hurry and hide in her husband’s secret place.
She finds a special notebook there Raimundo told her about before. Her husband asked her to give this notebook to his chief Epifanio Vargas’ hands after his death. Teresa is going to perform his last will, but two armed gangsters suddenly burst into her shelter and are going to kill her. One of gangsters rapes Teresa what gives her time to use the possibility and reach to the gun she has in her bag and shoot. She wounds both bad guys, nevertheless they are managed to disappear.


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